Welcome to my site about Smoothies & Juices

Hi, my name is Manfred and my goal on this website is to share everything I know about creating delicious Smoothies and Juices

I love these drinks and would like to inspire you too

simple fruit juice
simple fruit juice

What can you expect from visiting my site?

You can expect a wide range of information about smoothies and juices. This includes the benefits but also the downsides you have to consider when you start your journey with these natural drinks.

If you want to improve your health in general or compensate for certain deficits, lose a little weight or just want to prepare tasty drinks and have fun with smoothies and juices, then you've come to the right place.


Learn which fruits and vegetables plus other ingredients and their vitamins and nutrients can give you the benefits you are looking for.


Learn how to prepare and how much of the ingredients you should use for a tasty and healthy juice or smoothie.


Find information about the tools I recommend to prepare and create fantastic smoothies and juices.

The Main Categories I Cover On My Smoothies And Juices Website

health and nutrition

health and nutrition

Here I provide a wide range of information and articles about the health benefits of specific vegetables and fruits as well as usefull additional ingredients you can use for a more healthy lifestyle. Read how you can use smoothies and juices to detox your body and support you to fight various illnesses.

diest and weight loss

diet and weight loss

The right smoothies and juices can assist you with your diet and weight loss plan. Read which smoothies and juices are helpful to improve your body shape and what you should consider. 

juices and smoothies

healthy juice and smoothie recipes

Here I cover many different categories of juice and smoothie recipes. These can be recipes for weight loss and detox, get specific nutrients or vitamins, get a more radiant and smooth skin, replace unhealthy meals, just have fun with a healthy drink and many more...

tips and infos

Tips and Infos

Here you can read about helpful tips and tricks when preparing smoothies and juices. Also detailed information about usefull tools as well as juicer and blender equipment including reviews and recommendations.

Enjoy And Have Fun With These Natural And Healthy Drinks